Watch: Tall Paul [No Questions]

Minneapolis MC Tall Paul has never shied away from speaking his mind.

Born Paul Wenell Jr., his music has addressed everything from Martin Luther King’s imperfections (All Kingz) to the Dakota Access Pipeline (#BadDAPL).

In his latest video for No Questions, directed by Mercies May, the subject is police brutality. And as usual, he doesn’t hold back.


Off of his latest album, No Good Good Guy, the song tells the stories of George Stinney, a 14-year-old African-American boy who was executed in 1944 by electric chair for a crime he was wrongfully convicted of, and Tamir Rice, a 12-year-old African-American boy who was murdered in 2014 by police in Cleveland, Ohio, while he was playing with a BB gun.

“The cases of George Stinney and Tamir Rice spoke to me because their wrongful deaths at the hands of police and the American criminal justice system are two separate incidents that illustrate the irrelevance of age and time when it comes to the indiscriminate and unjustified use of lethal force by police,” Wenell explains. “It didn’t matter that George Stinney was only 14 years old or that there were absolutely no legitimate witnesses and no incriminating evidence to show that he supposedly murdered two young girls in South Carolina in 1944. He was accused simply because he was seen speaking to those girls that day, and because he was black. At his trial, the court found him guilty in a matter of minutes, based solely on the non-factual testimony of police officers claiming he came to them and admitted to the crime. He was then sentenced to death and died by electric chair.

“Both of these cases go to show that not even youth are safe from police brutality in America, and that America’s criminal justice system and policing have not changed at all.”

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