Watch: Once A Tree [Fine]

It’s been a while since we’ve heard from husband/wife duo Once A Tree, but their latest track was well worth the wait.

With Fine, Hayden and Jayli Wolf deliver a dreamy and bass-heavy pop tune guaranteed to get you out of your seat.

“We wrote and recorded Fine in Los Angeles,” said Jayli. “The song is about being independent and having the courage to walk away from anything that isn’t good for you.”

Filmed in Bangkok, the video is straight-up stunning. From lush lighting to wardrobe goals to killer choreography, it’s as mesmerizing as the song is catchy. The shoot itself was also a memorable experience for the couple – not to mention a spontaneous one.

“We had our friend (who’s a dope photographer) over for drinks one night while we were brainstorming ideas for the visual. She happened to mention that she was heading to Thailand, so we took that as a sign,” Jayli said. “Two weeks later, Hayden and I, along with my two girlfriends (a super talented photographer and a stylist) were on a 23-hour departure across the planet.

“We connected with two awesome dancers in Bangkok, who choreographed the dance for us. We shot every day for a week. Got robbed by monkeys. And then we cut the video on our many flights back home to Toronto. So many great memories. We can’t wait to go back to Thailand.”

Once A Tree’s debut album is due out this November.


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