Watch: Mimi O’Bonsawin [You Found Me]

Last year, we had the privilege of featuring Ontario’s Mimi O’Bonsawin on our second season of DD Studio Sessions. Collaborating with bassist Ian de Souza and the crew at Downtown Toronto’s Noble Street Studios, she found her rhythm, embraced the moment and emerged with a soulful and transcendent recording of Moonrise.

Now Mimi’s back with a brand new music video for her new single, You Found Me. Recorded in one take, the track showcases a more mature and intimate side of Mimi than she’s shown in the past.

“It’s honest, it’s warm and it’s courageous,” she says. “In a world of big songs, I wanted to put out something that represented me in that moment.

“I want people to take whatever they want from this song. Whether it’s love for someone or looking inwards, I wanted to keep it open.”



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