Watch: Jade Turner [Worth]

Manitoba’s Jade Turner is back with a brand new music video – and a message of hope and inspiration.

“When I was in the process of writing Worth, I was thinking of people who were out there struggling to know their worth. People who are suicidal and people who just don’t believe in themselves to change,” Turner says. “I thought about what I needed to hear when I struggled through suicidal thoughts as well.”

Produced by Winnipeg’s Just TV program, the video follows the story of a young boy who’s taken from his parents by Child and Family Services.

“I sat down with Paul James, Addison Sandy, Erica Daniels and Laura Johnson, and we started to talk about what we wanted to accomplish with the video and what story we were going to tell,” Turner says. “We decided as a group that we wanted to tell the story of a child being taken into care, but also to tell the story of the parents and their struggles.

“I also wanted to include my culture because I think it’s important in our Indigenous community we go to this for healing. The Sun Dance is what helped me through a lot of things and I think it will help others as well.”

Worth is the first video from Jade’s forthcoming album, North Country, which will drop Monday, Feb. 13.

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