Watch: Frank Waln ft. Gunner Jules & Rollie Raps [Good Way]

Frank Waln is back with his latest music video, and it’s an absolute beauty. Featuring Gunner Jules and Rollie Raps (along with director Tomás Karmelo Amaya), Good Way uses radiant imagery and gorgeous lighting to show the side of Indigenous males that is often ignored by mainstream media.

“We are often portrayed as bloodthirsty savages that rarely smile and exhibit no emotion,” Waln told Splinter News upon the video’s release. “Indigenous people are often portrayed as less than human in western media. Good Way is about us, as Lakota men, laughing, smiling and enjoying life together, being human beings.”

It was also important to Waln that everything about the project was Indigenous-made.

“What that means is there is no colonial filter. What you are seeing is a truly Indigenous representation of how Indigenous men see ourselves. We are human beings.”



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