Watch: District Avenue [Revival]

First a new name, then a new album, now a new video. Meet East Coast powerhouse District Avenue.


Featuring three former members of Kickin’ Krotch (vocalist Mike Bernard, drummer Sean Nicholas and guitarist Kipp Sappier), and newcomer Corey Nicholas (rhythm guitar), the rock band from Tobique First Nation formed in the fall of 2015 and dropped their debut album in November 2016. Now they’re back with a brand new music video.

District Avenue's debut album dropped in 2016

District Avenue’s debut album dropped in 2016

Created by New York-based animator Jay Marks, the video for Revival is as visually stunning as it it intense, perfectly balancing the song’s heavy sound and hopeful message. Given the group’s recent transformation, it’s a fitting choice for their first release.

“The song tells you about the whole process that we went through to create District Avenue,” explains Bernard. “With the name change, the new sound, the new members. It’s like saying ‘Look at us; we’re back and better than ever. Born again.'”

“We sort of fell out of the spotlight for a while and wanted a song that gave us that intense introduction. And as cliche as it sounds, the song is saying ‘Never give up on your dreams, keep fighting for what you love and believe in. You just never know what it will bring you. Change creates new possibilities.'”

Watch the video below, and check out their new album on iTunes.



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