Watch: Dakk’One [Lullaby]

A few months ago, we introduced you to emerging hip-hop artist Dakk’One in our Meet the Artist blog series. Now he’s back with a brand new music video.

Shot in various spots around his hometown of Vancouver, the visuals for Lullaby dropped Feb. 19.

“I wrote this song because I feel like we need more First Nations role models, and by telling my story I was hoping to relate to the youth that could use an uplifting message,” Dakk’One told us. “Basically, if I can go through the same thing they are and still climb to the top, so can they.

“Music is one of the most powerful tools we have, and by having a catchy hook with a good flow I feel the words have that much more of an impact.”

For more on Dakk’One, visit him on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Youtube


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