Shawnee: Building a Wall

For Mohawk singer-songwriter Shawnee, the studio has always been a sanctuary. A place to not only craft sound, but to restore her spirit, cultivate creativity, and give back the gift of music.

On the latest episode of DD Studio Sessions, she enters Villa Sound with the foundation of a song and a brutal case of bronchitis. Thanks to her willpower and some artistic chemistry with Adam Fair and Matt O’Rourke (plus a little Buckley’s), she emerges with a raw and powerful recording of Building a Wall.

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One more… Ok, Let it be known, I am no wimp but this past week had to have been the most sick I have ever been and I wanted to curl up and fall over on the floor. You guys know that feeling? But .. This day I made a commitment and peoples time and efforts were involved and it was more important to me to follow through with what I said I was going to do. I wanted to see this and a few other committed projects and empowerment events come through this week. The challenge this day was to create, record and film also come through with the bright energy I hold myself accountable for. I had next to no voice.. singing was not possible and I felt like a big bag of dust left by the side of the road. Well.. I downed shitty buckleys (gag) pulled it together talking myself through with the force of will, put some scratch vocals down I recorded in my phone few weeks prior and used this opportunity to stay focused and dedicated. I don’t know about this episode @digitaldrum_ca being my best work ever .. you guys can ultimately judge as you wish but still I feel proud and grateful for this past week that has pushed me beyond what I thought was my limits reminding me the power of manifesting. Singing/speaking out loud, using what felt like a dead rusty voice and a heavy body but letting my spirit just sort of … take over to share what is most important to me and to deliver and inspire when someone is counting on it/me. Also… noted, grateful to have @mattomusiclessons by my side breathing in my nasty germ air all the days. Ok thats all #vitaminCpeople stay safe out there.

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