Premiere: Kristi Lane Sinclair [Fire in Santa Fe]

The last time Kristi Lane Sinclair released an album, it went on to win Best Rock Album at the 2017 Indigenous Music Awards.

Now the Toronto-based singer/songwriter is picking up where she left off with the first music video from her latest EP. Jointly inspired by the fear and rage generated by the 2016 U.S. presidential election and the Standing Rock pipeline protest, the hard-driving Fire in Santa Fe is the first single off of The Ability to Judge Distance.


Recorded with a four-piece band at Jukasa Studios in Oshweken, Ont., the EP features five tracks exploring themes of love and anger. In an effort to try and capture the raw energy of her live performances, Sinclair produced the sessions herself.

The Ability To Judge Distance dropped this morning and can be ordered from Coax Records.



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