Moe Clark

Whether she’s using a looping pedal, a traditional hand drum or spoken word, multidisciplinary Métis artist Moe Clark is all about storytelling, knowledge sharing and community connection. It’s only fitting then that her many hats include educator, activist, musician, public speaker, artistic producer and mentor.

In the latest DD Spotlight, see what Moe has to say about creative kinship, decolonizing literature and more.

. . .

Song title: mistatim 

Created by: Moe Clark, Cheryl L’Hirondelle, Joseph Naytowhow. SOCAN 2018

Song info: Inspired by a story transmitted by Maria Campbell, about the Métis people and their relationship to horses, this song calls in all the horses and honours their beauty and freedom. The song pledges that the horses will no longer be hobbled, whipped or beaten, or made to go thirsty or hungry. Like the horse dance, we celebrate the longstanding relationship we have to horses, and acknowledge their right to sovereignty with the refrain: instead, the horses will always be their own bosses.

B-roll footage: Bis Films


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