Meet the Artist: Davis Whitstone

Name: Davis Warner Whitstone (aka TCHUTCHU)

City: Onion Lake Cree Nation

Genre: Alternative EDM


A bit about myself: 

My rhythm comes from the steps of trick songs in men’s fancy dances, smoke dances, and sub-genres of today’s electronic dance music. I sometimes use Cree words to signify the feel I tried to put into the track.


Post Malone, Kayzo, ZZ Top, Dillon Francis, Son House, UZ, Rickyxsan, Josh Pan, The White Stripes, Diplo, Otis Redding, Fabian Mazur, Hozier, X&G, nonsens, Amy Winehouse, Aphex Twin, Nine Inch Nails, and everything from the Barong Family.

 The first album I bought:

Bone Thugs -N-Harmony, on cassette.

The first concert I went to:

Excision, which is what changed my path to an electronic one.

The last concert I went to:


The last song I listened to:

X&G and Nate Lowpass: Hate Machine.

My favourite song of all time:

I can’t choose just one, but there are four I listen to daily: Tongue Roll by Juyen Sebulba, The Plague by Graves and Rickyxsan, Duro Bass by SpydaT.E.K and White Ganster, and Damn by X&G.

The one song I wish I’d written:

Skrillex and Poo Bear: Would You Ever.

My dream gig:

Playing alongside big names in a festival that kids on reserve can come to for free and experience what changed my life. I feel there is tons of negativity nowadays being First Nations, so I feel that could give an experience and also build relationships outside the rez.

Myself in three words:

Content, selfless, patient.

Best piece of advice I’ve ever received:

“Every day brings you gifts, never miss out on them because you only have them for today. Remember to breathe, remember to observe today, the sky is love, and the earth is home, someday soon you’ll know.” That was from a bear that turned into an elder in my dreams.

Beatles or Rolling Stones:

Rolling Stones, of course!

What I do to pay the bills:

I’m a janitor to pay off my student loans and I sell music to buy more plugins for music.

When I’m not making music, I’m …

Playing my PS4, fixing my car, trying to learn new music tricks.

Something people would be surprised to learn about me:

I’m actually good at golf. Or extremely lucky (laughs).

If my life were a song, the title would be …

Good Vibes in Ominous Times.



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