Meet the Artist: Dakota Bear

Name: Dakota Bear aka Dakk’One

City: Vancouver

Genre: Hip hop

A bit about myself:

I’m a Plains Cree First Nation from Treaty 6 Territory, although I was born and raised in Saskatoon. I started to create music to help overcome some of the hardships we faced growing up in the city. From there it grew into a passion, and I had the drive and motivation to pursue it as a career.


My musical influences:

I have many musical influences – Logic, Sonreal and J. Cole to name a few – but the strongest would have to be Eminem. The whole reason I started rapping is because I watched 8 Mile for the first time and got so inspired by the soundtrack and storyline. I wrote my very first hip-hop song that night.

The first album I bought:

Billy Talent and Avril Lavigne, In my defence I was only about 12 years old, and I hadn’t watched 8 Mile yet.

The first concert I went to:

Rolling Stones in Regina! I attended one of their very last live shows.

The last concert I went to:

Sonreal. One of my favorite artists at the moment. Shout out to my friend Laura for the VIP tickets.

The last song I listened to:

Papyrus by Belly.

My favourite song of all time:

Inception by Logic.

The one song I wish I’d written:

Run Rabbit Run. The first time I heard that song I knew it would be a timeless song for me.

My dream gig:

Selling out my first hometown event.

Myself in three words:

Diverse. Authentic. Opportunist.

The best piece of advice I’ve ever received:

My late uncle always gave me advice on how to work for myself. He was a huge believer in building your own dreams instead of helping someone else build theirs.

Beatles or Rolling Stones:

Rolling Stones.

What I do to pay the bills:

I’ve worked in the music industry long enough to be recognized as a professional artist, which leads me to paid gigs. Aside from that, I’m co-owner in a clothing brand called 30604 Apparel, and I also do a lot of freelance work in between.

When I’m not making music, I’m …

Making business moves for our clothing line or learning from online courses and webinars.

Something people would be surprised to learn about me:

When I was recording my last project with Rob the Viking, we had a late studio session and little did I know that Casey (she had a part in the song and was at the studio working with us) was actually going into labour. We were recording Destruction and she said she was having bad cramps. The morning after that I was supposed to drop off Rob at the ferry, but we actually rushed to the hospital instead! It was a crazy couple of days.

If your life were a song, what would the title be?

Fame or Destruction.



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