Listen: A Track-By-Track Guide to the new DJ Kakekaze Album

Last year, Winnipeg’s DJ Kakekaze broke down his beat-making process and shared some secrets of the trade in an episode of DD Xposed.

Now he’s back with a new album, his fourth with New York-based label Blend. Titled Simple, it features seven brand new bangers, which DJ Kakekaze walks us through below.

New album dropping this Friday! #teaser #musicmonday

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Cream was the first track I produced with my newly-purchased Korg Monologue synthesizer. I explored bass sounds until I came up with this hard bassline. You can dance to it or mosh to it.

“Doot doo doot do doo” is what came out of my mouth, which in turn was the opening bassline for my track Doot Doo.

I swear I produced Obsessed with my Korg Analogue synthesizer. Nope, it was produced with a virtual analogue synth by XILS-lab called PolyKB. Just goes to show how true analogue and virtual analogue synths are hard to differentiate.

Saturn. I love the sound of a deep dark sub bass. I offset it with a plucky lead synth.

Exploring synths I hardly ever use and finding some new sounds. 😀👍🏼🎹

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The title for Scratch was simply that. I was “scratching” ideas and experimenting with bass sounds on the Korg Monologue. Well, it turned out to be a full track.

My @korgofficial. #synth #vocoder

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The synth I used exclusively on Thorn was called Thorn. It’s the only synth I know of with glitch effects built into the synth. Love it.

The 707 Drum Machine is a very unique sounding drum kit coupled with a unique bass sound I designed. This is Waves.

DJ Kakekaze’s new album, Simple, is now available on Spotify and all other major digital music outlets.


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