Lakes and Pines ft. Walking Wolf Singers [Big Change Coming]

Upon the release of her latest album, Medicine Songs, the legendary Buffy Sainte-Marie said “a song can be more effective than a 400-page textbook.”

That is certainly the case with Big Change Coming by Manitoba folk quintet Lakes and Pines. In only five minutes and 130 words, the track transports us to a different time and place while stirring up a storm of emotion and telling a story we won’t – and can’t – soon forget.

In the latest DD Spotlight, the group teams up with Walking Wolf Singers for a powerful performance in their hometown of Morden.

Lyrics for Big Change Coming:

Know these woods like the back of your hand. Feather, fur, and fin. Six Nations Indian.

Big change coming for the Iroquois. The white men coming with a bible and a cross. Trade you a bottle for a medicine bag. And hand you a noose while they set up a flag.

Spirits come from the fire. Warriors, occupiers, down to the wire.

Chainsaws headed up to Haida Gwaii. Mother’s on the run ’cause they need a supply. Ethics up and split so we’re throwing a fit. ‘Cause power won’t shift when the people submit.

Close those blinds, pay no mind. Canary’s dead in the coal mine. Life is a pipeline.

Not an animal left for the hunt at Head-Smashed-In Buffalo Jump. Chipewyan tar sand cancer patient. Victims of immoral government.

For more on Lakes and Pines and the video shoot, check out our DD Spotlight below.



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