Join us for Aboriginal Music Week at Lunch: Aug. 9-12

With Aboriginal Day Live and Winnipeg Folk Fest behind us, the countdown to Aboriginal Music Week is officially on!

Once again, we’re stoked to be presenting a series of free lunch-time concerts in the Winnipeg Art Gallery’s Rooftop Sculpture Garden in Downtown Winnipeg (Aug. 9-12). Last year we had the privilege of introducing our audience to up-and-coming acts like Ila Barker, Logan Staats, T-Rhyme and Exquisite Ghost. This year we turn our attention to a group of artists just as talented – and even more diverse. Meet them below.

Jeremy Dutcher

Tuesday, August 9

12 p.m. – 1 p.m. | Winnipeg Art Gallery Rooftop Sculpture Garden



Dutcher is an emerging Toronto-based composer and vocal artist. Though classically-trained as a tenor, Jeremy’s Maliseet culture is what most influences his latest work. Through archival research, he has retrieved a diverse collection of Maliseet songs collected in 1911 on Wax cylinders, which are currently housed at the Museum of Canadian History. His arrangements of these melodies merge elements of classical, chant music, and jazz. His debut release in expected late 2016.

Frank Yamma

Wednesday, August 10

12 p.m. – 1 p.m. | Winnipeg Art Gallery Rooftop Sculpture Garden



The man everbody’s talking about in the world music scene globally is indigenous soulster Frank Yamma, the voice of Australia’s Central Desert. An initiated Pitjantjatjara man, Frank sings in his native Indigenous language and in English. His mighty songs, magical guitar playing and deeply arresting voice cross cultural and musical boundaries – a love song sung in Pitjantjatjara will make your heart sing in whatever language you speak. Having spent the last six years touring across North America, Europe and UK with shows in Canada, Latvia, Wales, Ireland, England, Scotland and Switzerland, Frank continues to capture the hearts and emotions of all who see him perform. In 2016, Frank will perform his third tour across Canada in August. Locally, he has performed at countless festivals and high-profile events including the 2015 TEDxSydney. He won Best Independent Country Album at the 2015 Independent Music Awards and was nominated for a National Indigenous Music Award for his latest album Uncle. The 2014 release, a followup to his hugely successful 2010 album Countryman shows the continuity of a musician that is hitting his peak with grace and conviction.

David Morin

Thursday, August 11

12 p.m. – 1 p.m. | Winnipeg Art Gallery Rooftop Sculpture Garden


With his self-released debut album, Every Colour, out on Bombay Records, David Morin plays gigs around the world accompanied by a live band. Yet the humble neo-soul singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist still chooses to busk regularly on street corners in his hometown of Vancouver.

After all, that’s where this 32-year old, who is of Metis Native American descent, honed his craft––and his social message. Like the man himself, David’s music is pure, authentic and from the heart. Self-taught and passionately committed to being a career artist, he’s blessed with the ability to turn strangers into fans. That’s why he earned his stripes the hard way, busking on Vancouver streets and singing to make a living. This guitar (and loop-pedal) virtuoso makes a solo performance sound like an entire band.


Friday, August 12

12 p.m. – 1 p.m. | Winnipeg Art Gallery Rooftop Sculpture Garden


Eekwol is an award-winning hip hop emcee from Cree Territory in Saskatchewan and a member of Muskoday First Nation. For Eekwol, creation brings growth in all aspects of life. With the birth of her son comes the birth of a new style of music. As a dedicated hip hop emcee, Eekwol astounds her listeners with honest and direct words that come from places both original and groundbreaking. With a lifelong background of Plains Cree Indigenous music, she gives the audience a balanced and healthy taste of hip hop that comes from her land and place while respecting the history of hip hop and its roots.

Stay tuned for exclusive interviews with each of the four artists in the coming days. 



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