First Listen Fridays: JB the First Lady

Welcome to another First Listen Friday, music fans! If you’ve been following our podcast for the past five weeks, you’ve heard in-depth interviews and hot new tracks from Shawnee, Sister Says, Snotty Nose Rez Kids, Ghostkeeper and Kelly Fraser.

Today we hit the midpoint of the series with one of our all-time faves, JB the First Lady.

Since breaking onto the scene as one of Canada’s first Indigenous female hip-hop artists, JB has remained true to her roots and paved the way for an exciting new wave of female MCs. She also practices what she preaches in her music, empowering young Indigenous women across the country, advocating for Indigenous rights and giving back to her community in countless ways.

On Episode 6 of First Listen Fridays, JB premieres a banger from her forthcoming album and talks about everything from the origin of her stage name and performing at Aboriginal Day Live to reflecting history through art and the healing power of hip hop.

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