In Focus: New Constellations Tour [Winnipeg]

On Nov. 23, Revolutions Per Minute and The Basement Revue launched New Constellations, a nation(s)wide tour featuring a core roster of Indigenous artists alongside a rotating cast of some of the country’s most celebrated musicians, writers, and poets.

Last night it landed in Winnipeg.

After hosting an in-community workshop featuring Boogey the Beat and Stefana Fratila, the West End Cultural Centre welcomed a killer lineup including Mob Bounce, Leanne Betasamosake Simpson, Ansley Simpson, Cris Derksen, Elisapie and Jeremy Dutcher. Hometown favourite John K. Samson also hit the stage, along with Jason Collett, Jordan Abel, Safia Nolin, Miriam Toews, and July Talk.

Wrapping up in Toronto on Dec. 20, the tour will hit a total of 13 communities across the country. In addition to the concerts, the series offers digital mentorship opportunities and in-community workshops. The tour also aims to connect Indigenous and non-Indigenous communities in a collaborative and meaningful way, while promoting diversity, inclusivity and accessibility.

“This is an opportunity to try something totally different,” said Jarrett Martineau, Cree/Dene media maker and co-founder of Revolutions Per Minute. “We wanted to see what it would be like to bring everyone together like this, all those different sounds and styles, and to show Canada the incredible talent that exists within the Indigenous community. With RPM, we do so much work with breaking down barriers for Indigenous musicians to get exposed to new audiences and New Constellations is an amazing platform to share stories and songs together in new ways. It’s really exciting.”




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