In Focus: Dream Warriors Artists’ Retreat

What happens when four kick-ass artists rent a secluded cabin in Colorado to make music? Last week we got to find out firsthand.

From Sept. 6-9, Tanaya WinderFrank Waln, Tall Paul and Mic Jordan of the Dream Warriors collective gathered for a retreat in Durango, Col., and we got the exclusive invite to tag along. With the goal of writing and recording their first single as a group, they set up their gear and never looked back. Within 72 hours they had not only created a killer track, but grown as artists, bonded as human beings and laid the groundwork for future collaborations.

They also made time to give back to the community, speaking and performing at Ignacio Middle School and Ignacio High School on the Southern Ute Indian Reservation.

Here’s a look back at the week in photos. To hear their single, be sure to follow us on Facebook and stay tuned!


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