First Listen Fridays: Ghostkeeper

We’re now four episodes deep in our First Listen Fridays series, and we want to thank you all for checking it out.

It’s been such a privilege sharing unheard tracks (and the stories behind them) from Shawnee, Sister Says and the Snotty Nose Rez Kids ft. Hellnback. This week we go a little more experimental on you, featuring the dynamic and ever-evolving Calgary indie group Ghostkeeper.

Fronted by long-time partners Shane Ghostkeeper and Sarah Houle, the band has released three albums incorporating everything from country and rock to African pop and traditional Aboriginal pow-wow music. On the latest episode of First Listen Fridays, they talk to us about the dystopian nature of their latest album, romanticizing their Metis upbringing and more. You’ll also get a first listen to their haunting track, Three Winters Old.

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